Richard Wyatt – Qualifying Service for the Sons of the American Revolution

Richard Wyatt Sr. of Caroline County supported the American Revolution with his delivery of 630 pounds of bacon "for use of the Army"1. Richard Wyatt Sr. had a son, Richard Wyatt Jr., brother of Lucy Wyatt of the Mullins family lineage. Thus the designation "Senr." in Abercrombie after Richard Wyatt's name confirms that this Richard Wyatt was the father of Lucy, not her brother.

Lucy Wyatt (1758-1847) was the daughter of Richard Wyatt (1720-1803) and Amy Chiles. Evidence:

The fact that James Hawkins's wife's name was Lucy is established by his will2. The fact that Lucy's maiden name was Wyatt is established by her tombstone inscription in the Hawkins cemetery3. Lucy's tombstone is inscribed in her maiden name. She died in 1847, 45 years after her husband's death, which might account for her survivors having used her maiden name.

The following are buried in the Hawkins cemetery4: James Hawkins and Lucy Wyatt, and 6 of their 8 children: Richard, James, Mary, Emily, Edmond and John. Martin L. Hawkins and his wife Jane Walker Hawkins had left Kentucky in about 1832 after the death of Jane's father, William Walker. Martin died of pneumonia in Carroll County, AR, where he was medical examiner.

Two sources provide evidence that Lucy Wyatt, wife of James Hawkins, was the daughter of Richard Wyatt.

Document 1 – In a court document filed in Logan County KY on 20 Jun 1805, Walter Wyatt and Lucy Hawkins appoint their brother, Richard Wyatt, Jr. of Louisa County VA to act as executor for their deceased father's estate5 . Their father is not mentioned by name, but the fact that their brother is Richard Wyatt Jr. establishes that Lucy, Walter and Richard's father was Richard Wyatt.

Note another connection: James Hawkins appointed Walter Wyatt one of his will's executors in 18016, confirming that Lucy's brother Walter lived in Logan County.

Document 2 – A record survives of the family Bible of the Wyatt family of Plain Dealing, Caroline, VA7. The Bible recorded Richard Wyatt and wife Amy Chiles, and lists their children including Lucy, whose entry reads, "Lucy, marrd. James Hawkins".

The Bible also records Lucy's brother Walter. His second wife is recorded as "Mrs. Bliss of Kentucky", confirming that Walter had moved to Kentucky, as noted in Document 1 above, filed in Logan Co. KY.

Documentation of birth, marriage and death dates and places

Richard Wyatt's birth and death dates are recorded in the Wyatt family Bible8.

The date of marriage between Richard Wyatt and Amy Chiles is recorded in two places, slightly differently:

  • 7 Nov 1752 in the Wyatt family Bible9, and
  • 17 Nov 1752 in Davis10.

The birth and death dates of Amy Chiles are not known.


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