Membership Requirements

Membership is open to men or women who are direct descendants of a person who owned land or had domicile on Jamestown Island prior to 1700, persons resident in Virginia at the time of the 1624/25 Muster, or direct descendants of a stockholder in the London Company or Virginia Company. Governors, secretaries of state, treasurers, attorneys general and auditors general of the colony, clerks and deputy clerks of the general court, members of the Governor's Council and members of the House of Burgesses before 1700 are presumed to have had domiciles at Jamestown during their terms of office and are suitable for qualification for the membership of their descendants.

The Mullins family has qualified the following 7 ancestors for The Jamestowne Society:

Dr. John Woodson & Sarah Woodson – arrived in Jamestown in April 1619 on the ship GEORGE. John and Sarah's Flowerdew Plantation was near Jamestown.

Pasco Curle – Burgess 1692

Col. William Wilson – Burgess 1685, 1688; Elizabeth City County Militia: Captain 1691, Major 1692-1693, Colonel 1699-1705, Commander-in-Chief 1699

Walter Chiles I – Burgess 1642-1653; Governor's Council 1651; Speaker, House of Burgesses 1653

Walter Chiles II – Burgess 1658, 1663-1664

Susannah Chiles – Land owner, Jamestown Island, 1671-1714