Dr. John Woodson

Dr. John Woodson and his wife Sarah Woodson were among the first immigrants to the Jamestown settlement, arriving in Virginia in April 1619 on board the ship Geroge under the command of Sir George Yeardly. John and Sarah settled in Fleur de Hundred, about 30 miles upriver from Jamestown. Dr. Woodson served as a physician for both British soldiers and colonists.

Dr. John Woodson and Sarah Woodson both satisfy the criteria as qualifying ancestors for the Jamestown Society based on their residence in Virginia at the time of the 1624/25 muster.

The lineage from Dr. John Woodson and Sarah Woodson is as follows:

Robert Woodson was the son of Dr. John Woodson and Sarah Woodson 1.

Richard Woodson was the son of Elizabeth Ferris and Robert Woodson 2.

Judith Woodson was the daughter of Ann Smith and Richard Woodson 3.

Elizabeth Michaux was the daughter of Jacob Michaux and Judith Woodson 4.

Martha Venable was the daughter of Abraham B. Venable and Elizabeth Michaux 5.


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