Abraham Michaux & Susanne Rochet

Abraham Michaux (1672-1717) and Susanne Rochet (1667-1744) were born in Sedan, Ardennes, France. They were French Huguenots, or Protestants, who were persecuted in France, especially after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. Abraham and Susanne fled to Amsterdam, where they were married on 13 Jul 1692 in the French Church. The tale of Susanne's escape from France is a dramatic one, told in the "Little Nightcap" story.

Abraham Michaux was listed as a member of the Walloon French Church in Amsterdam on 8 May 1701. The couple left soon afterwards to England, where Abraham was recorded as living in 1702. By Mar 1703 he was living in Stafford County, Virginia.

Jacob Michaux (1695-1745) was the son of Abraham Michaux and Susanne Rochet1. Elizabeth Michaux (1731-1809) was the daughter of Jacob Michaux and Judith Woodson2 (1703-1744). Martha Venable (1751-1826) was the daughter of Abraham B. Venable II (1726-1778) and Elizabeth Michaux3.


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