Eligibility for Active Membership

Membership in the Society is open to men or women who are direct descendants of a Manakin Huguenot Founder or a descendant of a proven Huguenot who was a resident of Virginia prior to 1786.

The Mullins family has qualified the following 2 ancestors for The National Huguenot Society:

  • Abraham Michaux – Fled France in 1692 to the Netherlands where he married the iconic Huguenot refugee Suzanne Rochet ("Lil' Nightcap"). The couple immigrated to Virginia in 1704.
  • Suzanne Rochet – Fled France concealed in a hogshead (barrel) on board ship. Married Abraham Michaux in the Netherlands and immigrated to Virginia in 1704. The tale of her escape is the iconic "Lil' Nightcap" story told on this site.