Martin Luther Hawkins and Jane Curl Walker, parents of Lucy Wyatt Hawkins

Lucy Wyatt Hawkins (1828-1922) was the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther Hawkins (bef 1790-1840) and Jane Curl Walker Hawkins (c 1806-1884).

Lucy W. Freyschlag's death certificate1 lists her mother's last name as "Walker", born in Kentucky, and her father's last name as "Hawkins", also born in Kentucky.

On 5 Apr 1878, Jane C. Hawkins applied for a pension based on the service of her husband, Martin Luther Hawkins, in the War of 18122. The application states that Jane C. Hawkins's maiden name was Jane C. Walker; that her husband's name was Martin Luther Hawkins; that the couple were married in Nicholasville, Jessamine County, KY on 4 Jul 1823; that the couple resided in Kentucky in 1832; that neither was married before their marriage; and that Jane never remarried after Martin's death.

On page 3 of the application, Edward Freyschlag attests to the identity of Jane C. Hawkins, and writes that he married her daughter, Lucy, and that Jane has lived with Edward's family for many years.

This last statement is confirmed by the 1880 U.S. Census 3 showing Jane C. Hawkins, "mother-in-law", living with her daughter, Lucy Freyschlag, and son-in-law, Edward Freyschlag, establishing that Jane C(url) Hawkins is Lucy Freyschlag's mother.

Military: Martin Luther Hawkins served in the War of 1812. He enlisted as a First Lieutenant, 17th regiment of the Kentucky Infantry4. He was later promoted Captain5.

Documentation of birth, marriage and death dates and places

Jane Curl Walker's birth year, c 1806, is established by the pension application stating that Jane was 72 years old on the date of the application, 6 Apr 1878; also confirmed by the 1880 census that gives her age as 74. Her date of death, May 1884, is established by a court document6 from Washington Co., AR. Jane was the administratrix of the estate of her son, James William Hawkins, who died in 1856 in Charity Hospital in New Orleans of yellow fever, contracted during a mercenary action in Mexico. James's estate was receiving payments from a reparations fund set up by the Mexican government.

Martin Hawkins's birth year was 1790, based on the pension application of Jane Curl Walker Hawkins which states that Martin was 21 years old at the time of his enlistment on 6 Jul 1812. We assume his birth state to be Virginia, as this was the state of residence of his parents and grandparents in 1790 (Kentucky was formed from Virginia in 1792).

Martin's death on 28 Oct 1840, in Carroll Co., AR, is established by his wife's pension application. Martin and Jane's marriage on 4 Jul 1823, Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY, is confirmed by Jane's pension application.


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Lucy Hawkins and Edward Freyschlag, parents of Sophia Freyschlag

Sophia Freyschlag (1845-1901) was the daughter of Edward Freyschlag (1814-1905) and Lucy Wyatt Hawkins Freyschlag (1828-1922).

This family is shown on the 1860 U.S. Census1, showing parents Edward and Lucy Freyschag, and their oldest daughter Sophia.

Edward Freyschlag's will was dated 23 Jul 18912. Edward cites "my wife, Lucy W. Freyschlag" and "my daughters, Sophia Mullins and…" establishing that Sophia Freyschlag, married to [William Madison] Mullins, is the daughter of Edward Freyschlag and Lucy W. Freyschlag.

Lucy Wyatt Hawkins Freyschlag (1828-1922) outlived her husband Edward (1814-1905), her daughter Sophia Freyschlag (1845-1901), and her son-in-law William Madison Mullins (1845-1913). Her will was probated 25 Aug 1939 to rule on the inheritance tax due for her estate3. On page 3 of the document, Thomas Clint Mullins, son of William Madison Mullins and Sophia Freyschlag, is listed as heir, because both of his parents were deceased.

Documentation of birth, marriage and death dates and places

Edward Freyshclag's obituary4 gives his birth date as 12 Jan 1814, and states that he died on 29 Jan 1905, near Fayetteville, Arkansas. The 1821 Bavarian census states that Edward was born in Grosskarlsbach, Germany5.

Lucy Hawkins's birth on 4 Nov 1828 in Logan Co., KY, is documented in her obituary6 in the Fayetteville Democrat: see blue XX page B14. Her death on 31 Aug 1922, in Washington Co., AR, is documented on the probate of her estate7.

The marriage year for Edward and Lucy Freyschlag is obtained from the 1900 U.S. Census8 that shows Edward and Lucy Freyschlag as married 57 years, placing their marriage year in about 1843. Because they and their parents all resided in Fayetteville in 1843, we assume the marriage county to be Washington, AR.


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