The Anie in Callander Parish, Scotland



Annie Willson Bonner's mother was Catherine McKinlay who descended from Finlay McKinlay, a Scot who lived in the early 1600s. Finlay had 4 sons who started a farm called the Anie in Callendar parish in northern Scotland. Some of the original walls from our ancestral farmhouse are still standing almost 400 years later, as shown in the photo below.

A grandson of Finlay, John McKinlay (1679-1732), had 3 sons. We are descended from his first son, also named John. The third son, James the Trooper, went to Ireland with the army of King William III, and remained there. His descendants eventually came to America, and include the 25th President of the United States, James McKinley, to whom we are thus related.

Our McKinlay ancestors remained on the Anie until Duncan McKinlay immigrated to Canada with his brother Ewen in the 1830s. Catharine McKinlay was born in Ridgetown in 1846, and married Daniel Gilman Willson in 1869.