The Jane Walker Letters – Transcriptions and Scans



This collection comprises more than one hundred Walker and Hawkins family letters that were written between 1823 and 1884, and were sent among family members in Fayetteville and other parts of the old South.

The family matriarch, Jane Curl Walker Hawkins (1806-1884), saved these letters during her lifetime in an old shoebox that was preserved and passed down to successive generations. The letters now reside in the University of Arkansas Libraries, Special Collections. Below are: an annotated table of contents of the letters; an index of the letters by topic and keyword, an index of the letters by people and places, the complete transcriptions of the letters by Joanne Ferguson; and scans of all the original, handwritten letters.

The Jane Walker Letters offer many insights into life in frontier America in the 19th century. In addition, there are many letters of historical interest regarding specific events in American history, summarized under the tabs to the left. When read together, these letters offer a wonderful, cinematic portrait of our ancestors in the 19th century American Midwest.

The Letters


Complete Transcriptions of The Jane Walker Letters

Scans of the original handwritten Jane Walker Letters